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Guest Post Terms and Conditions

Aside from the general terms and policies that guide the usage of this website which are binding, here are other terms and condition to accept articles from guest authors who are willing to write for us to be published on our platform

  1. All right to the guest post from author who want to write for us must be given to BusinessIdeasInNigeria.com
  1. Such article must not be less than 600 words
  1. The guest author will not be allowed to publish spammy articles
  1. Maximum of two links will be allowed in the biography of an author either to the author’s website, Twitter handle, or his/her blog, while the entire guest post should contain maximum of two quality links.
  1. Do not post duplicated articles, content spinning or similar articles as they will be thoroughly screened out.
  1. Only articles with good grammatical expression of English language will be accepted.
  1. Only guest posts that are relevant to our news platform will be accepted.
  1. Please indicate the category you are writing for in your article heading. e.g TITLE – For Category
  1. Do not upload pornographic materials or disgusting videos for any categories of our blog as they will be thoroughly screened out.
  1. Articles that promote incitement, secession or any other illegal act will not be published on our news platform.
  1. Private materials e.g private pictures, info or discussion obtained without the owner’s permission should not be uploaded on our platform.
  1. Guest author must be ready to answer or make clarification to the various comments made on the related articles as it help us serves our readers more.
  1. If you need format on how to upload or write a guest post, download sample format Here.
  2. All guest article will be pending until the are well screened and edited as they are deemed fit.

If you agree to the above terms and conditions, please proceed to submit your articles through: info[at]businessideasinnigeria[dot]com